EPBSI Mission/Vision Statement

Education Priority for Better Society Initiative (EPBSI) as a value-based Non-Governmental Organization operates under the following Mission, Mission and Values:

Our Vision

To prioritize quality and inclusive education through advocacy for robust investment in education as strategic tool for socio-economic and political transformation of Nigeria.

Our Mission 

To promote quality education for productive and responsible citizenship through advocacy, private, corporate and government partnership, all geared towards reducing crime rate drastically for a peaceful and prosperous Nigerian Society.

Our Core Values

  • Equality: We canvass for equal educational opportunities for all- male and female, old and young, highly-placed and lowly-placed in our society. "Education has become a basic need of man; every man should have a taste of it."
  • Accountability: In carrying out this onerous task of providing quality and equal educational opportunities for all, we seek for donors and financial partners. We pledge that every financial grant received would be judiciously used for the purpose for which it is granted. We shall keep up-to-date financial records of our receipts and payments.
  • Stability: We are not a fly-by-night venture. We have come to stay. Ours is a dream nurtured for many years- built out of genuine passion to touch humanity for good.
  • Ingenuity: Our promoters are high class professionals in their field, with genuine and qualified interest to contribute to the educational development in Nigeria and beyond.

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